3in1 Respiratory Solution


3in1 Respiratory Solution

NK1000 -  3in1 Respiratory Solution
NK1000 -  Nebulizer Kit N1
NK1000 -  Nasal Aspirator NA1
NK1000 - Nasal Washer NW1

Complete Respiratory Solution

Nebulizer | Nasal Aspirator | Nasal Washer
The 3in1 compressor nebulizer kit integrates a nasal washer as well as a nasal aspirator and treats nose as well as lower lung periphery. It provides comprehensive, effective and convenient care for all respiratory conditions. The nasal washer can be used to clean and flush the nasal cavities and alleviate allergic symptoms; the nasal aspirator can be used to alleviate nasal congestion

The proprietary adjustable valve is able to deliver medications of different viscosity level according to every user’s conditions and needs at ease. Our VAT technology allows users to adjust different levels of nebulization rate ranging from 0.10 – 0.30 ml/min at consistent particle size. The nebulization rates can be adjusted by the user in a very easy way without exchanging parts.

1 | Nebulizer

  • MMAD ≤2.5 μm; Fine Particle Dose (FPD): 80-85%
  • Patented Valve Adjustable nebulizer bottle (VAT)
  • Low noise with silencer and vibration-absorber design

2 | Nasal Washer

  • Flushes nasal cavities and rhinopharynx to clear secretions, mucus and harmful substances and alleviates allergic symptoms
  • Nasal washer nebulizes 10ml of solution in about 2 minutes
  • Silicone nasal adaptors provide comfortable and soft touch and reliable seal
  • Made of biocompatible, non-allergenic materials and Latex and BPA free
  • Comes with 3 sizes of nasal adaptors and suitable for the whole range
  • Fluid chamber capacity: Max 20ml

3 | Nasal Aspirator

  • Removes mucus to alleviate nasal congestion and reduces risk of respiratory inflections, and helps your baby to breathe freely.
  • Adjustable vacuum level
  • Ergonomic design to ensure a smooth operation
  • Max vacuum @ pump inlet: -450 mmHg
  • Max air flow @ pump inlet: >5 L/min
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