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The complete guide to

Nebulizer therapy at Home

benefits and uses of nebulizer therapy at home

The complete guide to nebulizer therapy at home

The nebulizer turns medicine into a mist that can be breathed in. Inhaling the mist allows the body to absorb the medicine quickly and effectively.
This blog examines the benefits and uses of nebulizer therapy at home, as well as how to use and clean the equipment. There is a wide range of health issues for which home nebulizer therapy is prescribed, but lungs are the most common.
Nebulizer, Aspirator & Washer

Rossmax NK1000 - 3in1 Respiratory Solution

Rossmax 3BREATH is a unique 3in1 compressor nebulizer that integrates with a nasal washer and a nasal aspirator. The nebulizer enables efficient medication delivered to the upper airways and lung periphery. It provides comprehensive, effective and convenient care for common respiratory conditions.

converting liquid medications into a mist

What is home nebulizer therapy?

Home nebulizer therapy works by converting liquid medications into a mist that the user inhales. Nebulizers come in two basic types.
With the jet nebulizer, medications are turned into a mist using compressed air. In the ultrasonic nebulizer, vibrations are used to achieve the same result. Nebulizers may be specified on medicine labels according to the formulation. There are nebulizers designed specifically for children.
Using a nebulizer at home is easier than using other devices, such as an inhaler, as there is no need to coordinate the person's breathing with the machine. Therefore, doctors often prescribe nebulizers to patients who have difficulty using inhalers, such as children, the elderly, or those on ventilators. Moreover, home nebulizer therapy delivers medication more deeply into the lungs than some people can do on their own.

Health problems

Home nebulizer therapy is prescribed for a variety of health problems, but is typically prescribed for lung-related problems, such as:
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • cystic fibrosis
  • asthma
  • emphysema
  • chronic bronchitis

Benefits of Nebulizer therapy

Nebulizer therapy at home delivers medication directly to the lungs, where it is needed and can be most effective. As a result, this kind of therapy works more quickly and gets better results with smaller doses than pills or injections. Although the lungs can only absorb 10–15% of the medication they receive, the American Association for Respiratory Care says that using nebulizers correctly is particularly important. There are many types of medications that can be used with nebulizers. Multiple types of medications can be delivered simultaneously with a nebulizer. Due to the fact that nebulizers require smaller doses of medication to be effective, home nebulizer therapy may lead to fewer undesirable side effects than other forms of therapy. The average home nebulizer therapy session lasts 15 to 25 minutes.

home nebulizers


Health problems, particularly those affecting the lungs, can be treated with home nebulizers, but people must use their nebulizers properly to get the best results. These are the essential components of a home nebulizer therapy system:


Nebulizer Bottle

Compressor Unit


Face mask


Assembling - Inhalation - Cleaning

How to use a home nebulizer

دریچه اختصاصی قابل تنظیم دارای قابلیت انتقال دارو در سطوح ویسکوزیته مختلف و بر اساس شرایط و نیاز بیمار می باشد. تکنولوژی VAT به کاربر اجازه تنظیم مقادیر مختلف سرعت نبولایز از 0.08 تا 0.50 میلی لیتر بر دقیقه را در اندازه ذرات ثابت می دهد. سرعت نبولایز کردن به راحتی توسط کاربر و بدون نیاز به تعویض قطعات تنظیم می شود.

میزان نبولایزیشن بیشتر (کاملا باز) برای داروهای با غلظت بیشتر و افراد با حجم تنفس کمتر است. این تکنولوژی برای اختلالات تنفسی همچون انسداد مزمن ریه (COPD) و آسم می باشد.

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