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A good blood pressure monitor

will detect atrial fibrillation


A good blood pressure monitor will detect atrial fibrillation

Back in the early 2000s, blood pressure was in Switzerland, always measured at a doctor's office. It was not until 2008 that research centers showed that blood pressure measured at home predicted cardiovascular disease much better than values measured only at the doctor’s office. Together with other studies, they changed international treatment recommendations: today, the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease is largely based on home measurements.

Rossmax Z5/X5 Blood Pressure Monitor

Detects arrhythmia in connection with quick and easy blood pressure measurement, and accurately distinguishes between atrial fibrillation and extra beats.
Blood pressure measured at home is a much better predictor of cardiovascular disease. At the same time as the recommendations changed, the technical development of home blood pressure monitors started to rise. The most important development in terms of health is cardiac arrhythmia analyses. As early as 2010, the most advanced monitors reported an irregular heart rate during the measurement. Today, the best blood pressure monitor detects with great accuracy e.g. the life-threatening atrial fibrillation.

Blood clots & cerebral infarction can be effectively avoided

Atrial fibrillation is becoming more common

Atrial fibrillation or flimmer is an insidious and highly common disease. It is a heart arrhythmia in which the atria of the heart vibrate more frequently than the ventricle. The flimmer may feel like a strong and uneven pulsation or it may be completely asymptomatic. Atrial fibrillation is not dangerous in itself, but the resulting blood clot in the atrium can set in motion and lead to a cerebral infarction.
Atrial fibrillation increases the risk of stroke fivefold.
In Switzerland, well over 100,000 people suffer from atrial fibrillation, up to half of them unknowingly. The number of atrial fibrillations increases sharply due to aging in large age groups, lack of exercise, and being overweight. When atrial fibrillation is identified and diagnosed, blood clots and cerebral infarction can be effectively avoided with prophylactic medication. Therefore, it is important to find atrial fibrillation, and this can only be achieved by the risk groups ’own activity.
A woman measures her blood pressure.

The results of home measurements are very reliable.

New blood pressure monitors have an arrhythmia sensor

The Rossmax Z5/X5 Blood Pressure Monitor is a new, highly advanced blood pressure monitor with an arrhythmia sensor. The Rossmax Z5/X5 detects arrhythmia with high accuracy, for quick and easy blood pressure measurement. In addition, the Rossmax Z5/X5 distinguishes three main types of arrhythmias:
  • Common Unrecognized Arrhythmia (ARR)
  • Atrial fibrillation (AFib)
  • Extra stroke (PC)
After a normal blood pressure measurement, the device displays the upper pressure, lower pressure and pulse, and any cardiac arrhythmia. The meter detects atrial fibrillation (AFib) and extra stroke (PC) with a clinically proven high probability.
It is imperative that the person contact a physician if there is no previous arrhythmia symbol on the display, but now it begins to appear on the screen repeatedly, or if the frequency of the symbol changes in the arrhythmia condition diagnosed by the physician. Therefore, Rossmax Z5/X5 technology is not a substitute for further examinations performed by a physician. Rossmax Z5/X5 provides early detection for the most common arrhythmias, and allows for early treatment.

High-quality - Reliable - Clinically Validated

What is the best place to buy a blood pressure monitor in a pharmacy or supermarket?

If you don’t already have your own blood pressure monitor, it’s worth a march now for shopping. If you already own a meter, you should check the features and update the meter with a new one, especially if you have arrhythmia knowledge. Pharmacies sell only high-quality, reliable and clinically validated Pharmacies only sell high-quality, reliable and clinically validated blood pressure monitors, and you can also get advice from there. In most pharmacies, you can still test the meter before making a final purchase decision. If the features and measuring of the meters are familiar to you, of course you can also make a good discovery in the Market.
In pharmacies, you can get advice and test the meter.
The Rossmax Z5/X5 are the world's most advanced blood pressure monitor with arrhythmia sensor. The Rossmax Z5/X5 Blood Pressure Monitors are high-quality and feature both batteries and a power supply, an interfering body movement indicator, Hypertension Risk Detection, a Universal Cone Cuff as standard, and a lifetime maintenance and calibration service. When purchasing a blood pressure monitor, in addition to the arrhythmia sensor, you should look for e.g. the following useful features:
  • Memory locations for two users, for example: the compact meter can be taken to the doctor and the measurement results can be displayed to the doctor.
  • Guest function: a casual user, such as a friend or relative, can measure without disturbing the administrator's memory location.
  • Includes both batteries and power supply: save batteries at home by using AC power and only connect batteries when traveling or seeing a doctor.
  • Versatile average functions: eg 3 most recent measurements, 7 most recent morning and evening measurements.
  • The gauge shows whether the cuff is installed correctly.
  • The meter indicates body movements that have interfered with the measurement.
  • The meter shows the risk level of hypertension.
  • The package has a large standard cuff, Universal Size from 24 to 40 cm. S and L cuffs are also easily available separately.
  • The device has a lifetime maintenance and calibration support.
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