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for Pharmacies, Doctors & Public Places

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • SpO2 & Artery Monitoring
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • Weight & Body Fat Management
  • Temperature Measurement

Rossmax Health station

The Health Station combines Blood Pressure Monitoring, SpO2 & Artery Monitoring, Blood Glucose Monitoring, Weight & Body Fat Management as well as Temperature Measurement in one system. The Health Station can be placed in pharmacies, clinics/hospitals/doctors offices, public places like fitness centers, sports clubs and chain stores. Also, the Health Station is a perfect match for retired & nursing homes.
It helps attract end-users to experience Rossmax Bluetooth products before they buy a device and become "Rossmax healthstyle APP" members. The Health Station is available in two versions and is standard equipped with a printer and a camera. NFC Reader, Smart Card Reader, and a Bar Code Scanner are available optional. With a printed receipt at the end of the measurements, the clients get a QR Code with the measurement results as well as the contact details of the service window.


Touchscreen 27“ Panel
Health Station


Touchscreen 15.6“ Panel
Health Station


incl. Licensed Software
Medical Kit


Rossmax Healthstyle APP

With the «Rossmax healthstyle APP» you can manage your Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, SpO2, Weight and Temperature in only one single APP. The products will be easily connected through Bluetooth and the real-time data communication is only one click away. To share the graphs, charts or data with 3rd party provides a new experience.

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