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"Mobility & Dual Power" Suction Unit


"Mobility & Dual Power" Suction Unit

Ideal for tracheostomized patients, minor surgical applications and post-operative therapy in home-care and hospital.

Dual Power

The V7 consists of a high capacity of rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The high performance pump delivers -600mmHg vacuum and 30 l/min flow rate and 25 l/min under power-saving mode.

Triple Protection

Overflow valve plus anti-bacteria filter and fool-proof design that prevents back flow of fluid and airborne contaminants from entering the pump.


High performance light-weight lithium-ion battery offers approx. 45 minutes of run time under normal mode and up to approx. 60 minutes under power saving mode. The LED indication of battery condition makes V7 ideal for use on the go. Easy to store using tubing holder, tubing depository and accessory compartment.


Comprehensive dashboard with ergonomic view angle ensures a smooth operation. Easy to open with button operated lid open design.
Tubing holder
Tubing depository
Accessory compartment
Ergonomic Design
LED indicator for Battery
Dual Power
Triple Protection
Suction class High Vacuum / High Flow
Max vacuum @ pump inlet -80 kPa/ -600 mmHg
Max air flow @ pump inlet 30L/min
Economical mode/Power saving 25L/min
Collection Canister capacity 1.4L (Polycarbonate, PC)
Adaptor Input AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Adaptor Output DC 12V 5.0A
Power consumption ≤ 55W
Battery working time 45 mins (normal use) / 60 mins (power saving)
Battery Recharging time ≤ 5 hours
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