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Since 1988, Rossmax is committed to strive for the best technologies in each business field. Providing value for the customer’s specific need, is the key driver in inventing patented solutions. Rossmax does not compromise in fulfilling the highest quality standards and proofing the results through outstanding clinical validations.

PARR Technology

Blood Pressure Monitors
Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitors with PARR Technology (Pulse Arrhythmia) enables early detection to prevent stroke and other cardiac diseases with only ONE single blood pressure measurement.

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3BREATH Respiratory Solution

3in1 Nebulizer Kit
The 3in1 compressor nebulizer kit integrates a nasal washer as well as a nasal aspirator and treats nose as well as lower lung periphery. It provides comprehensive, effective and convenient care for all respiratory conditions.

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ACT Technology

Pulse Oximeters
ACT (Artery Check Technology) processes SpO2 signals and determines the stiffness of the artery (Artery Condition) based on the derived wave form and further classifies the arterial condition into 6 levels.

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Chronic Diseases

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