"Mobility & Dual Power" Suction Unit

  • High capacity Lithium-ion battery
  • Max vacuum: -80 kPa/ -600 mmHg
  • Max air flow: 30L/min
  • Overflow valve plus anti-bacteria filter
  • Comprehensive dashboard with ergonomic view angle

Suction Units

A medical aspirator or suction unit is a machine used to remove mucus and other bodily fluids from a patient. These machines are designed to be portable for nursing homes, and can run on AC/DC or battery power.


Dual Power
"Mobility & Dual Power"
Suction Unit

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30 liter/min flow rate
"Power & Efficiency"
Suction Unit

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16 liter/min flow rate
"Smooth & Comfort"
Suction Unit

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Suction Tester


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