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Countdown to MEDICA 2018

Soon MEDICA 2018 will open its doors in Düsseldorf. Rossmax kindly invites you to visit us at our booth. We are very excited to present the world’s first technology in the field of cardiovascular disease management. Furthermore, several new products in the field of respiratory care will be shown. We are looking forward to meeting you soon.

12th - 15th November 2018

09:00 a.m. - 04:30 p.m.

Hall 11 | B12

Messe Düsseldorf



We are very proud to welcome our Rossmax distributors to the 4th HealthSympo which will take place at the Hotel Tulip Inn, Düsseldorf on the occasion of Medica 2017.

Rossmax will provide the latest news and highlights on our enlarged product portfolio as well as an Italian success story with our Rossmax PARR Technology.


The 3in1 compressor nebulizer kit integrates a nasal washer as well as a nasal aspirator and treats nose as well as lower lung periphery.

It provides comprehensive, effective and convenient care for all respiratory conditions. The nasal washer can be used to clean and flush the nasal cavities and alleviate allergic symptoms; the nasal aspirator can be used to alleviate nasal congestion.


ACT (Artery Check Technology) processes SpO2 signals and determines the stiffness of the artery (Artery Condition) based on the derived wave form.

It further classifies the arterial condition into 6 levels and presents the result in an intuitive graphical interface. Heart rate, SpO2 and artery condition are available at your fingertip! Artery condition tells the potential risk of the following diseases: Arteriosclerosis, Peripheral circulation disorder, Cardiovascular disease.

Stroke and Cardiac Disease Prevention

Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitors with PARR TECHNOLOGY enables early detection to PREVENT STROKE AND OTHER CARDIAC DISEASES with only ONE single measurement.

Pulse Arrhythmia (PARR) technology specifically detects pulse arrhythmia, including Atrial Fibrillation (AF, AFib), Atrial and / or Ventricular Premature Contractions (PC), Tachycardia (TACH), and Bradycardia (BRAD). Pulse Arrhythmia may be related to cardiac disorders, needs medical attention and thus early diagnosis is of paramount importance. The PARR technology detects arrhythmia during regular blood pressure checks without any additional user skills, user interaction and measurement prolongation. Beside the blood pressure determination a specific pulse arrhythmia determination is provided with PARR.

APPS for Blood Pressure Monitors

Here you can find two APP’s for monitoring your blood pressure results taken with the X3 and X5 Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitors. One is for Apple devices and one for Android devices.

Both APPs are working flawlessly with our Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitors. Those APPs are available in English only. Since we got some requests which APP´s are available in other languages, we want to share a way to find an APP. Key in “Blood Pressure Monitor” (in your language) to search related app Check the description of app, if it mentions about Bluetooth data transmission, it will work with our X3 BT and X5 BT.
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